Month: December 2019

Pseudo menstration

Pseudo menstruation in neonates: Be sure before pointing fingers.

Collins dictionary defined pseudo as a form of adjective or noun that indicate something is not the thing it is claimed to be. This means Pseudo menstruation looks like menstruation but it’s not actually menstruation. The increasing rate of pedophilic epidemy requires one to be extra sure in order to avoid wrong accusations. Neonates are…

Tongue tie and Speech delay 2

Tongue tie and Speech delay

A lot of mothers associate their child’s speech delay with tongue. However, several researches by medical expertshave shown that there is no association between the two scenarios.Tongue-tie also known as ankyloglossia is a congenital condition (present at birth) that restricts the movement of thetongue’s range of motion, this occurs as a result of the band…