Month: December 2020

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Individual characteristics and their influence on the disease occurrence process.

The individual characteristics are the features of the body system which differentiate one person from the other, these features could either be external to the body or found in the body system. Most proponents of disease theories consider individual characteristics as a major determining factor regarding the possibility of becoming infected with a particular disease.…

List of HIV/AIDS centres in Lagos 1

List of HIV/AIDS centres in Lagos

HIV/AIDS centres are sometimes reffered as heart to heart centres. 1) Island Maternity Hospital, Lagos Island 2) Massey Children’s Hospital, Lagos Island 3) General Hospital, Isolo, Lagos 4) Badagry General Hospital, Badagry, Lagos State 5) General Hospital Gbagada,Lagos 6) General Hospital, Ikorodu, Lagos state 7) General Hospital, Epe, Lagos state 8) Igando-Ikoku Primary Health Care…