The covid-19 outbreak has got almost everyone playing health professionals which seem good, but could be bad as some are spreading the wrong message unknowingly while some are catching fun by sending out messages instructing people to partake in ridiculous acts for these group, God is watching you in 5D and your punishment is brewing!

The World Health Organisation being the peak global health authority have assisted in distinguishing myths from facts using their website and other social media platforms. Let’s take you on a myth busting ride!

  • COVID-19 can’t be transmitted in hot weather: as much as we dwellers of the temperate region might want this to be true, unfortunately, it isn’t. The WHO confirmed several evidences have shown the disease can be transmitted in all regions.
  • Taking a hot bath can prevent COVID-19: you might as well sit in a hot bath for entire outbreak season!. Bathing with warm water might be necessary sometimes but definitely not this time of the year. The WHO confirmed there is no evidence to back the claim hence, it is false.
  • It can be transmitted through mosquito bite: if this were through, the entire country would be infected by now, COVID-19 spread through droplets of infected persons. I guess you know the category this claim falls.
  • Hand dryers can kill the virus: i imagine the hot air hand dryers emit could be what this statement was borne out of anyway, WHO confirmed hand dryers can’t kill a virus, you know what will?HANDWASHING.
  • Spraying alcohol or chlorine on the body can kill the virus: except you are trying to get intoxicated or harm yourself, I imagine no reason why anyone should carry out such act. The WHO agreed even if both can be added to products to disinfect surfaces, it should be used under appropriate recommendation as it could be harmful if not properly used. If the virus is already in one’s system, praying such substance on the body is a waste on time.
  • Vaccines against pneumonia protect against the virus: the COVID-19 is a new type of virus which will require its own vaccine to be immuned. Some of the symptoms of pneumonia might be present in a COVID-19 patient just the way there are alot of diseases with similar symptoms but with different cure, only a test from a standard laboratory can differentiate them.
  • Regular nose rinsing with saline : i suppose the content of the saline will kill the virus, this isn’t true though. The WHO stated there is limited evidence that regular rinsing of nose with saline can help people recover more quickly from common cold. However, regularly rinsing of nose has not been shown to prevent respiratory infections like the COVID-19.
  • Eating garlic will prevents its spread: yes, garlic is good for the body, but it prevents COVID-19 common on!. Being familiar with the Asian culture and how much they love to eat garlic, the virus shouldn’t even get close to their territory if this claim was true. I belief this statement knows its place now.
  • It affects older people: The WHO confirmed older people with pre-existing health condition(heart diseases, asthma diabetes e.t.c), might seem vulnerable, all age groups are advised to take steps to protect themselves. In other words even younger people with a pre-existing health condition are vulnerable, but do you know if you have a health condition? when last did you go for medical check-up? the answer should be the reason you have to stay safe and protect yourself.
  • Antibiotics are effective in preventing COVID-19: this, I consider the funniest of all myths. Antibiotics kill bacteria not viruses.
  • Taking a lot of Vitamin C will prevent the being infected with the virus: loading up on Vit C could be harmful as Dieticians confirmed the human body needs about 95mg of Vit C a day and its toxic level is 3000mg, for those that think Vit C has no overdose, there is a need to review such claims as Vit C toxicity could lead to intestinal problems and diarrhea. Dieticians have encouraged eating all types of food in the right proportion as the proper way to boost our immunity.
  • Use of chloroquine will prevent covid-19: this statement has landed people in the hospital within a day of it being disseminated, with hospitals reporting cases of chloroquine overdose which could lead to CINCHONISM , I guess they wanted to get themselves killed before COVID-19 does. Chloroquine as a form of treatment is undergoing clinical trials and besides, it will only be used as a form of treatment and not prevention.

The effect of spreading rumours and also accepting any message that is being delivered to us without proper verification could be life threatening, lets all endeavour to share information responsibly. you can listen to our podcast episode on how to share information responsibly for tips .

Practice proper hand washing, you can also listen to the latest podcast episode to learn how to ensure the hand is properly washed.


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Akinlabi Bisola has a Bachelors degree in Health Education and Masters Degree in Public Health Education. She is the founder of The Health Educator's Library Consultant and a Trained and certified first aider. She is a Social Media for Health and Development Expert (GHEL) as well as a Health Communication Expert (GHEL).
She runs a podcast called THEC with Bisola and a website called

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