First Quarter Healthy Habit Review


First Quarter Healthy Habit Review 1

Towards the end of 2022,  I picked up my pen and journal and listed out the goals that I wanted to achieve with my children. I divided it into sections like healthy habits goals, academic goals, emotional goals, etc. In this article, I’m going to be reviewing our healthy habit goals for the first quarter of 2023.

The healthy habits goals include those habits I believe will help him build his immunity against diseases and make it easy for him to adopt a healthy lifestyle early.

On the healthy habits goals, I listed five goals I wanted to achieve in the first quarter of the year. For some of these habits, he was already acting on them, I only wanted to see him remain consistent with them and also so I wouldn’t stay relaxed just because he was already doing them. While the other habits I listed are healthy habits I intended to introduce to him but I have been struggling with the process.

To make my goals achievable, I set out a plan on how to achieve each of them. You can check out our previous post on how to set your healthy habit goal for details.

So now let me take you through a review of three of the five healthy habits goals.

Eating at least two types of fruits twice daily was one of the goals and I’m glad I was able to achieve this, though the cash scarcity almost ruined the plans I set out to achieve this goal. However, having an alternative place that accepts other means of payment made this goal achievable. 

Another goal I set to achieve is doing more physical activity, I planned to achieve this through outdoor play and l ensured he had an outdoor playtime after homework. We also set a time for which all outdoor play must end to avoid going overboard.

The last goal I shall be reviewing is introducing more green vegetables. serving my child green vegetables has been something that I struggled with, one moment he is eating it and the next, he is not so into it. So, I planned to add a little bit of it to stews and stir fry every week so he can get used to seeing them. He wasn’t accepting of the greens at first, especially in stir-fries but as time went on, he started getting used to it until the cash scarcity got very serious and the vegetable traders insisted on taking only cash. This truncated the goal process and we will begin the process again in the second quarter of the year. 

That’s it on our healthy habits goals for the first Quarter of the year 2023. Would you like to set a healthy habit goal for your child too? Read the previous article to serve as a guide through the process.

Parenting just like other aspects of our lives requires making adequate plans. For everything, we wish to see our children do, or any behaviour we wish to see them act on, we must make plans. Having a plan serves as a guide, helps you track your child’s progress and eases your parenting journey.

“He who Fails to Plan, Plan to Fail”


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