Its day 4 of the 14 days lock down and some people are already showing symptoms of what IBS- Intense Boredom Syndrome, most have resulted to signing up on TIKTOK and TRILLER showing their untapped goofy side to relief themselves of the IBS symptoms, NETFLIX and YOUTUBE movie streaming are also some of the activities people binge on this period but. These activities are like bugs, the suck the living out of your poor data hence, if you are not bytes strong and still confused on what to do with so much free time, keep reading.

  There are enormous things you can do with this free time, that are not only productive but also expose you to a new world waiting to be discovered. Here are few tips to having a healthy and dynamic look down;

EXERCISE: NO GYM, NO PROBLEM! The importance of working out and it sets the day on the right track have been overstressed.  Skipping, squats, jumping jacks are some of the home exercises you can do to keep fit this period, get motivated by following fitness instructors on Instagram. You are good to go with their daily live videos.

TAKE YOUR BATH: a lot of people have resulted to the HIMBA cultural lifestyle of not taking their bath just because no going out therefore no reason to clean up. Having an early bath have a way of energizing the body, it kind of tap the reset button and the body goes from slow motion to activated in a flash. It works for me!

EAT: This period is an opportunity to eat adequate home-cooked meal which the daily hurry might have deprived is good but be reminded not to overindulge, eat healthy meals mostly, with a little bit of ijekuje. Healthy meals should contain all classes of food in their right proportion not just fruits and veggies and don’t forget to stay hydrated as well.

STUDY: the surge in online education trend have opened doors for moral opportunists, most are free with few demanding a token sum with a diversity of courses to select from. Future Learn, Coursera, Global Health e-learning center, Harvard free online University are few from the pool of online learning websites currently available. Be sure to include the completion certificate on your CV and watch your CV’s light shine bright!

LEARN A SKILL: learning a skill have become super easy, with Whatsapp, Zoom, YOUTUBE, SKYPE, the opportunities are endless to top it all, most creatives are giving out discount for online training tis period. So, GET SKILLED UP! 

SLEEP: the busy life might have refused you of the recommended sleeping hour and here you have it on a silver platter some will not still see this as a golden opportunity.This is the time to pay up all the carry over sleep, don’t keep late nights while keeping tabs with social media trend.  SLEEP NOW, WHILE YOU CAN!

INTROSPECTION: the power of journaling is often underestimated, it’s time for those souvenir jotters in your closet to be of use, at the end of each day, pen down how the day went and things that made the day awesome, also write out plans for the next day in the of primacy and watch those tasks challenging get done. Introspection should be included in post lock down activities, write down anything you minds brings to you, goals and how you plan to achieve it, a new idea that crossed your mind. IF YOU THINK IT, WRITE IT!

These activities are a sure way to prevent IBS and remain positive through the lock down and possibly you can incorporate it to your daily routine after the COVIDCATION.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated, eat good food and wash your hand and most importantly stay at home. Save yourself from intense koboko flogging.

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About the Author

Akinlabi Bisola has a Bachelors degree in Health Education and Masters Degree in Public Health Education. She is the founder of The Health Educator's Library Consultant and a Trained and certified first aider. She is a Social Media for Health and Development Expert (GHEL) as well as a Health Communication Expert (GHEL).
She runs a podcast called THEC with Bisola and a website called

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