Nurturing Healthy Eating Habits in Children: Japan as a case study.

Have you been to Japan?

Japan is the typical example of how the environment can promote a healthy eating habit.

The home, school and the entire early years development structure are working together to nurture a healthy eating habit in young children.

You see now that modelling isn’t enough, the environment too must be in syn in that it doesn’t hinder your effort.

Here is the link to a short clip I made explaining the Japan’s school Lunch program and it’s impact on the population’s health.

Do make sure to click the link.

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Akinlabi Bisola has a Bachelors degree in Health Education and Masters Degree in Public Health Education. She is the founder of The Health Educator's Library Consultant and a Trained and certified first aider. She is a Social Media for Health and Development Expert (GHEL) as well as a Health Communication Expert (GHEL).
She runs a podcast called THEC with Bisola and a website called

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