Snacks or Treats for Children: What’s the Difference.

First, what is a snack?

Though we often call everything our children munch in between meals a snack, however, it isn’t so.

Snacks are nutritious mini foods children can munch on in between main meals and they are a part of every child’s daily nutritional requirements.

The problem now is…

A whole lot of what most children take as snacks now are treats and unlike snacks, treats should be a once in a while thing.

So, how do you know if it’s a snack or a treat?

Asking ourselves this simple will help us with the question above.

“What nutrient does my child benefit from this?”

The answer to this should be a guide to whether what we are serving is a snack or a treat.

How often should snacks be eaten?

Child nutrition experts recommend two snacks daily for younger children and a treat can be given once weekly.

Remember, the snack should never replace the treat.

I hope we find this helpful.

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Akinlabi Bisola has a Bachelors degree in Health Education and Masters Degree in Public Health Education. She is the founder of The Health Educator's Library Consultant and a Trained and certified first aider. She is a Social Media for Health and Development Expert (GHEL) as well as a Health Communication Expert (GHEL).
She runs a podcast called THEC with Bisola and a website called

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