The need for medication education for children.

Children, oh Children, so curious a creature😂
You keep things and they find their way over. What does it look like? What’s in these things? What does it taste like? All these are some of the things that run through their mind and this is why I believe they should be informed about things around them and their possible dangers.

This brings me to the need for medication education for children as a way to reduce the rate of accidental medication overdose. Though medication education might not be an effective method for children of all ages, however, I believe from the age of 5, a child should be able to comprehend some level of right/wrong and dangers.

Medication education, however, doesn’t mean, parents, caregivers and other adults wouldn’t do their part, it only means children can also contribute towards reducing the statistics of accidental medication overdose.

Next time I shall take you through a step by step guide of how to carry out an effective medication education.
Till next time.

Yours in Health and Knowledge
BS Akinlabi


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Akinlabi Bisola has a Bachelors degree in Health Education and Masters Degree in Public Health Education. She is the founder of The Health Educator's Library Consultant and a Trained and certified first aider. She is a Social Media for Health and Development Expert (GHEL) as well as a Health Communication Expert (GHEL).
She runs a podcast called THEC with Bisola and a website called

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